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With Enterprise Computing systems, the coexistence and interoperability between functions and systems by and large depends on the Infrastructure. As Infrastructure matters so as the associated services such as, networking, security, or communications, etc. 

By out-tasking services, the enterprises get benefits like access to hard to find skills, knowledge, best-practices & standardized processes and latest technologies. Our professional services are vendor agnostic and provided 360 degree services from consultation to planning to execution. Core IT enables unison of people, process and technology by directly aligning them to dynamic business needs.

Our Spectrum of Professional Services supports:

Network Professional Services:

It enables enterprises to integrate voice, IP, data on the same high-speed network, thereby assuring secured, reliable, scalable, and always-on network solutions using Intranet and Internet hosting, Backbone network transport, 24x7x365 NOC , etc.

As we have vendor agnostic approach this helps in providing unbiased services to our client organization. Our consultants help enterprises of any scale to reengineer their network to meet business and technology requirements which is scalable and reliable. We have specialists on our team to assist in building NOC (Network Operation Centre) in faster turnaround time.

Cloud Professional Services

Through our cloud professional services we assist enterprise by assessing their cloud requirement which not only encompasses technology assessment of their current technology landscape which can be moved to cloud but also financial and regulatory assessment. We enables you to identify your business needs that may drive the adoption of cloud technology as Public Cloud, Private Cloud and Hybrid Cloud as per your requirements.

We guide you to adopt solutions with advantages such as, Pay as you grow, high availability, data security and privacy through multi-tenancy, etc. Core IT offers a unique breadth of support in achieving simpler, cost-effective infrastructure management that differentiates in the marketplace.

Security Professional Services

Managing the security of IT infrastructure is one of the trickiest part as it not only requires understanding type of threats, identifying gaps in security policies but also requires deep understanding of tools and applications, cost effectiveness and how the security would be managed as the business grows.

Our consultants bring in right knowledge to devise water tight security policy and our vendor agnostic approach assist in helping enterprises to select the right OEM in the right budget. Our consultants help is devising the plan which not only meets the compliance and regulatory mandate but is also executable and scalable.

Enterprises can engage with us for planning, implementation and management of their security operation centre. Through our Security Consultation, you can protect today’s borderless infrastructure, data, and network from any user, from any location at any time and by using any device. Therefore, our distributed security policies and processes safeguards businesses by controlling and protecting data at every point.