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Remote Infrastructure Management & Monitoring Services

It has become CTO pain point to match the IT infrastructure availability with the enterprise business user’s expectations. As the IT infrastructure is rapidly evolving, which results in creation of unmanageable and complex IT infrastructure within the organization, thereby, mounting pressure on technology team to manage higher uptime and improved performance to meet the increasing demand for efficient and cost-effective IT infrastructure service.

This requires experience teams to address the day-to-day IT infrastructure issues for global organizations working in different time zones. Our Remote Infrastructure Management & Monitoring services assist enterprises to streamline their IT operations by providing right skilled teams, flexibility and bringing cost effectiveness to contracts.
By engaging with Core IT enterprises witness improvement as our processes are ITIL aligned. This provides enterprise customer with:

• Increased uptime 

• Better asset utilization 

• Reduced security risks

• Adherence to service level agreements (SLAs) 

• Improved productivity 

• Lowered TCO of IT infrastructure. 

Our appropriately skilled resources act as an extended IT arm for enterprises, allowing enterprises to focus on their strategic business. Our vendor agnostic approach assists enterprises to get leverage of their existing IT infrastructure asset and our teams are skilled enough to work with different tools and platform.
The unified blend of our best practices, service management and governance model enables us to provide SLA based services, predictable results and higher customer satisfaction score. We provide with automation of many services that helps in delivering efficiency.
We provide end-to end IT infrastructure services viz
Enterprise Desk: Our Global Network Command Center (GNCC) ensures 24x7x365 availability and enables enterprises with automatic consolidation and integration of disparate IT help desks and industry standard tools. The comprehensive Service Desk offers services across the complete spectrum that includes complete ticket life-cycle management, proactive alerts monitoring, IT security, and identity and access management.  
End User Computing: Our services are tailored to bundle end-to-end desktop management, workplace collaboration, application support, hosting and migration support with minimal business disruption. This lowering of TCO with reduced complexities helps to improve end-user productivity, secure data, as well as ensure high availability of desktops, applications, and data. We take 100% responsibility for complete solutions from conceptualization to implementation and operational support services.
Security Service: With our streamlined and regulatory compliant security operations, we enable organizations to have efficient and available round the clock security infrastructure. Our security services encompass Security Intrusion Prevention/Security Auditing & Assessment/Firewall Management/Intrusion Detection, VPN Management/-NAPs (or Network Access Points). Add to it, device management and monitoring, vulnerability management, security information and event management, and user provisioning and management address the critical needs of security implementation and operations.
IT Monitoring & Management: Using application development experience as a part of providing L1, L2, or L3 application support, we resolve a wide variety of application operational challenges. Our services encompass Application and Enterprise System Management, Mainframe Support, Application Operation, Database Management, and Middleware Management.
Consultation: We provide Turnkey Solutions/Project Management of CSRs (Shared with Operations)-CASP (Client Architecture Strategy & Planning) Standards Committee/Auditing and assessment. Our Turnkey solutions consist of end-to-end Managed Services, including networking, desktop support, and systems engineering.