About Core IT

With a proven track record of twenty years, we have been empowering enterprises globally in building flexible, cost-effective breakthrough solutions and services.

In this highly competitive, evolving world our pioneering IT Services, consulting and outsourcing solutions, facilitate enterprises aspire in IT Infrastructure Management, Vendor Management, IT Consulting and advanced technologies like- big data, and cloud computing.

Core IT designs, for its customers, innovative, customized solutions following crucial Global Benchmarks and Standards, helping them utilize time in the market and enhance ROI from their IT implementations. We acknowledge nurturing relationships and surpass our responsibilities to steer growth for our clients.


Explore Beyond Your Expectation


Our IT Infrastructure services allows business to out perform the competition and remain relevant in market by creating solutions that compliment business objective



We work to bring transparency and build trust in our relationships by working closely with client teams to meet business goals.



Our team has the experience to provide the 'right-fit' solution and expertise to implement and manage the IT services across industry verticals.



We take ownership of service issues and are committed to agreed service KPIs. Our team will ensure that the issue is resolved in minimum time. 

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