Serverless is the next step in cloud computing’s evolution

The next step in the evolution of computing is undeniably serverless computing. With it, concepts like IoT can be grow steadily and can revolutionize the approach of organizations for development and innovation.

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The developer revolution with Cloud

The role of a developer has become prominent as technology has evolved. For innovative solutions and changing paradigms, the need for cognitive developers is needed to lead enterprises to digital transformation.

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Challenges in building a data-driven economy

Today data is considered very valuable but many businesses still use outdated file transfer apps that prove to be a hindrance for a speedy growth. With Cloud enterprise can move ahead enabling the ability to create temporary or permanent analytic stores to answer problems in a much more real-time basis.

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Why is it important to create open, connected data lakes for AI with Cloud?

Segregating data into data lakes is the most effective way for utilizing data for an enterprise. This helps proper visibility on the available data clusters and can pave for a data-driven culture in an enterprise.

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How enterprise can choose right cloud architecture among the Hybrid, Private, Public and Multi cloud.

Choosing the right architecture is of absolute importance.It is one of the major investments for an enterprise and must not be carried away by marketing by services providers. Assessing business goals and requirements is the best way to choose between various Clouds.

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