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Hybrid Cloud Integration

Hybrid Cloud Integration

Cloud has its uses and its hype too. Converting your legacy systems to an all-cloud integration application may not always be the best solution for everyone. Hybrid cloud integration provides a perfect platform for enterprises to integrate data from on-premise legacy systems with cloud data. Simply put hybrid cloud integration is an amalgamation of on-premise and cloud based system that supports the integration of on-premise endpoints, cloud endpoints and the combination of the two, for all integration patterns.

Hybrid Cloud integration can ensure maximum investment in new applications, as a service layer over legacy apps, security, and innovations. CoreIT, with its immense experience in Hybrid Cloud consulting for many of our existing partners, feel that interlinking cloud-deployed applications and data with legacy, non-cloud enterprise applications and data is also an important part of hybrid cloud deployments. Since hybrid cloud enables a wide range of capabilities of public cloud service providers, it also can be used for private cloud deployment for sensitive applications and data making it one of the most preferred ways of having an integrated system for enterprise goals.

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