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Managed Hosting

Managed Hosting

Since the arrival of Cloud, CoreIT has been actively a promoter and service provider with a special emphasis on Managed Hosting Services

With Managed Hosting Service and technical support, we have been able to take dedicated hosting to a new level of service where the required hardware is owned by us but the client has the complete benefit of its usage and services. With our prompt Managed Hosting Support and expertise, we have been able to provide Managed Hosting Services with an excellent track record of satisfactory results that complements our business partners.

In the recent years, Core Technologies Services, Inc. has been in the forefront of this IT revolution with managed services as a comprehensive package for many industries. We are known for providing services as well as Managed Hosting Support in terms of server monitoring, security, back-up, customized IT solutions, etc. bringing in reduced cost in operation and at the same time providing options for a more effective use of resources.

With our expertise in Managed Hosting Services, we provide a huge range of customized options and support to many companies at an effective cost. Our technical consultation offers a great deal of insight to managed services and helps to prepare any enterprise, a basic blueprint for execution of managed services.

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