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Why containers and DevOps can be the perfect pair in Cloud?

Why containers and DevOps can be the perfect pair in Cloud?

Today, many of the companies are focused on updating their Cloud based systems regularly. For instance, the IBM Cloud Container Service is said to be updated on an average of 35 to 40 times a day. Their service, even though, built on globally deployed microservices still rely on these updates to provide new features and capabilities, high performance, and the most updated security possible against emerging cyber-threats.

Drawing the importance from such an instance, CoreIT understands that world is moving towards a place where services needs to be upgraded almost every hour. For such a system to work harmoniously, containers and DevOps are the two areas which can bring in maximum efficiency and high performance. 

The catch
In the above instance, the number of updates can seem daunting to the layman, but it can be achieved through the tried-and-true methods to any cloud-native, container, or microservices strategy by using DevOps strategy. It involves constantly adding maintenance features and expanding the service in response to market and technology demands.

Incorporating DevOps into IT culture and development practices helps to overcome the hurdle of security. This enables cloud-native apps to be built and updated quickly with continuous security updates irrespective of changes in the system.

Using a strategy that can continuously update container-based software with DevOps can create heightened security.  This is because cloud environments, such as managed container platforms, are kept up to date via the cloud. This helps us to stay on top of the latest threats and address any immediately. 

CoreIT observes that the rise of containers has a huge enabler for DevOps because of the continuous, secure and effective delivery for container architectures. While immediate returns will be seen, it does take time to build the advanced processes that help organizations truly realize the value in these technologies and processes


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